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laz - for diesheera by capta1np1ckles laz - for diesheera :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 6 21 for spencer - gaspar is a serious cutie butt????? by capta1np1ckles for spencer - gaspar is a serious cutie butt????? :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 7 3 welp guess i have a fursona gomen by capta1np1ckles welp guess i have a fursona gomen :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 4 9 nico doodle by capta1np1ckles nico doodle :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 4 4 here have this by capta1np1ckles here have this :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 8 11 nicolai the albino by capta1np1ckles nicolai the albino :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 6 6 thing for spencer by capta1np1ckles thing for spencer :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 7 4 haze - mrsdrpepper by capta1np1ckles haze - mrsdrpepper :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 6 3 come here often? by capta1np1ckles come here often? :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 12 10 ive been awake for 24+ hours wow kill me by capta1np1ckles ive been awake for 24+ hours wow kill me :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 7 11 weird reno doodle idk by capta1np1ckles weird reno doodle idk :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 8 0 three man cuddle party by capta1np1ckles three man cuddle party :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 11 8 reno is a pretty casual guy by capta1np1ckles reno is a pretty casual guy :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 7 7 for jessica. by capta1np1ckles for jessica. :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 7 6 wren by capta1np1ckles wren :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 4 8 missingno`s by capta1np1ckles missingno`s :iconcapta1np1ckles:capta1np1ckles 4 0




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i'm shae and i have a lot of problems

:iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesopen: :iconnokiribans:

myself and :iconcowsbark: make [adoptables]
i'm more active on [tumblr]
this right here is my favorite [person]


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1.) You must post the rules
2.) You must answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and make 10 new questions for your tagged people
3.) You choose 10 people to tag AND post their icons in your journal so all the world will know who they are
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1. Any interesting pets?
i have a softball sized hermit crab named deino. he runs really fast and likes to climb up my pants legs.

2. Favorite exotic food?
umm, i'm really into weird fruits. like avocados and kumquats and shit.

3. Most hated thing about school?
well some girl that really hates me for some reason decided that i hate pregnant people and now all the pregnant people in my school stare me down like theyre gonna swoop me up like a falcon and feed me to their babies? so i guess that's my least favorite thing at the time being. also my history class. omfg. my teacher has a gross cockney accent and she's super bad about favoritism and since shes the softball coach she only likes all the athletic girls and hates me and makes me sit in the back even though i cant see. fuck you, mrs davis omg.

4. Any hobbies?
pissing people off

5. Any lobsters?
yes. i have millions and millions of lobsters of all kinds. i am a lobster farmer.

6. Are you a mobster?
are u just trying to rhyme here omg

7. You wouldn't happen to be a religious deity, would you?
um well im judas if that counts
im p gay

8. How often do you call people a type of fruit?
i call this asshole tyler a fruit all the time
hes gay and rich and annoying no one loves him

9. How many people have you slapped lately?
um i slapped my foot like 2 seconds ago because there was a mosquito on it

10. Cinnamon toast?

my questions:
1. how do you feel about cannibalism?
2. when was the last time you violently raped a motorized vehicle?
3. *insert jehovah's witness speech here*
4. what color are your undies? \o/
5. where did you get them omg they sound so cute i must have them
6. *gross sobbing*
7. what do you think the meaning of life is?
8. bald is beautiful. yes? if you say no i'll seriously fuck you up okAY?
9. how was your day?
10. what's your favorite smell?

get out of my office

i tag these gaylords
sry dont care about anyone else gosh


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Nuene Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
slycooper998 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nuene Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can we art trade hhhhh
capta1np1ckles Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh bby yes
ZippedMonster Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello my dear, dont remember me?
Oh I made a contest where you joined into, dont remember?
Look here! [link] :3

I wanted to ask you if I should make for you a reminder! A normal reminder will be every month, if you want anything special or nothing please tell me!

Have a nice day! :icondesueyeplz: U :icondesueyeplz:
capta1np1ckles Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh no! gosh ive been so busy. ill work on my entry sometime within the upcoming week. my apologies. i think i'll do okay without a reminder, haha :) thank you so much, though.
CowsBark Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I tagged yeeeewww: [link]
mouthscars Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the watch mate <3
ZippedMonster Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are u interessed in a contest? qwQ
capta1np1ckles Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OOooo maybe so! note me with details and i will see ;)
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